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Adventure Therapy Aotearoa Workshops

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2022 ATA online conference recordings

Workshop 2 - Adventure Therapy 101

Workshop 3 - Paddy Pawson - Maintaining the complexity amongst the joys and tears of 23 years of Adventure Therapy

Workshop 4 - Graham Pringle - Adventure therapy as a treatment for adolescents with complex trauma

Workshop 5 - Amy Horn - The Role of Nature in Nature-based Therapy

Workshop 6 - Ariana Stevens and Meg Ryan - A future based on Te Tiriti o Waitangi - What we learned from working collaboratively

Workshop 7 - Andra Moldoveanu - Trauma-informed tools to integrate embodiment and mindfulness in your practice

Workshop 8 - Vic Turner - Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

2020 ATA Online Conference Workshop recordings

What is Adventure Therapy?

Data: Get hungry, get smart

Working from the ground up

I met my wife in a cave

Introduction to understanding and supporting people experiencing mental health challenges.

Understanding and managing risk from an Adventure Therapy perspective