Developing yourself as a practitioner

We often get asked – How do I get into this type of mahi?  And the answer is that there are many many pathways and many many different ways of using these approaches within the work that you do!  Our members use adventure therapy approaches within counselling, occupational therapy, social work, psychotherapy, Māori health services, outdoor instructing, education and the list goes on!

We see adventure therapy as the bringing together of the best practices of the therapy and outdoor worlds, embedded on a foundation of cultural safety and bicultural practice. Below you will see a stone arch that represents the skills and knowledge that are integrated in adventure therapy practices.

As practitioners developing in this field we may come with some of the stones in the arch that are well-developed due to our area of training, and others that we are less practiced in. Or maybe you’re considering where to start at all!  Click on a stone to learn more about each area of skills and knowledge and discover ways of accessing learning and development opportunities in Aotearoa.

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Outdoor World
Therapy World



and Ethics

Adventure Therapy
Skills and Knowledge
Mental Health
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Cultural Safety
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