Significant Dates for ĀTA



NZ hosts 4IATC in Rotorua, Supported by Rotorua Adventure Therapy Aotearoa.

June 2015

7IATC attended by 1 Kiwi – Amy Horn.  Amy represents NZ on ATIC. 

Sometime after June

Amy Horn, Dan Eastwood, Aaron Agnew and Ian Mann meet together and start talking about developing the network of ATA again.

October 2015

A hui is called for anyone working in Canterbury in AT.  Approx 20-25  people turned up.  Discussions and support for re-establishing the network  is evident.

Nov 2015

Adventure Therapy Aotearoa Facegroup group is established.

May 2016 is established.

November 2016

Adventure Therapy Aotearoa Forum, Orton Bradley Park, CHCH

Team: Amy Horn, Ian Mann, Briar Gallagher, Paul Yoeman, Jay Johnson, Dan Eastwood, Aaron Agnew

Numbers: 52

Key notes: Paddy Pawson, Christine Norton

May 2018

Adventure Therapy Aotearoa Forum, Whenua-iti Outdoors, TASMAN

Team: Wendy Van-den Berg, Amy Horn, Nettie Stow, Richard Wilkins.

Numbers: 107

Key notes: Anita Pryor, Mike Gass

August 2018

8IATC in Sydney, attended by approx 50 kiwis.

Amy Horn and Helen Jeffery represent NZ on IATC

March 2019

Adventure Therapy Aotearoa Incorporated becomes an official association.

First positions:  Amy Horn, Chair, Helen Jeffery (Treasurer)

May 2019

Adventure Therapy Aotearoa Conference, Carey Park, AKLD

Team: Amy Horn, Carolyn Lotawa, , Meg Ryan, Richard Wilkins, Jess Cougland, Malcolm Creagh, Naomi Geddes (admin)

Numbers: 87

Key Notes: Hoturoa Barclay-Kerr, Nevin Harper

1st AGM – Voted in 1st Leadership Group


Online Series in lieu of conference (COVID)

Team: Claire Wyatt

May 2021

Adventure Therapy Aotearoa Conference , Dunedin

TeamHelen Jeffery, Malcolm Creagh, Nick Williamson, Hazel , Vicky Totoro, Piripi Matthews, Richard Wilkins, Aymie, Kerryn Rothery (Admin)

Numbers: 102

Key Notes: Blair Gilbert, Chanelle Phillips


Online Conference Series (COVID)

Team: Meg Ryan, Kelly O’Hagan, Nick Williamson, Gemma Wong, Leticia Little

June 2022

9IATC – Norway

Attended by Amy Horn and Helen Jeffery

Helen Jeffery and Richard Wilkins represent NZ at ATIC

May 2023

ĀTA Conference, Living Springs , Ōtautahi

Team:  Meg Ryan, Kelly O’Hagan, Gemma Wong, Leticia Little, Akari Imafuku, Malcolm Craigh, Melissa Greene

Participants: 110

Key notes: Wiremu Grey, Toni McFarlene

May 2023

Pre Conference ĀTA specific workshops: